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Pocket Hugs

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Pocket Hug Instructions



• Blutack

• Pebbles

• Pocket Hug verse

• Coloured card

• Organza bags ( 7cm x 5cm)

• Marker pens ( Metallic are best)

• Kitchen roll

• Hairspray




1. Anchor your pebble with Blutack.

2. Write “Hug” on your pebble and place on kitchen roll.

3. When you have several completed, spray with hairspray to set the writing and leave to dry.

4. Print your hug verses on coloured card and cut to size ( to fit your bags ). Either write your church or circuit website on the back or print labels and stick on the back.

5. Place a verse and a pebble in each organza bag.


Other ideas: A cross for Easter; a heart for the love of Jesus; an Icthus; the Trinity; You could print a bible verse to accompany the pebbles.


Giving out your bags -

• Give 5 to each church member to distribute to their neighbours

• Ask local shops/cafes if you can place a basket of pebbles on the counter

• Stand outside a local shop and give to customers

NB I have the Pocket Hug verses that I can send you attached to an email. Janet

How to Make a Beaded Cross


A 2ft 6in length of cord / lacing

24 pony beads of colour X

11 pony Beads of colour Y

Step 1

Thread 2 beads of colour X onto the lace followed by 1 of colour Y and 2 more of colour X




Step 2

Take the end of the lace (B as in step 1 above) and loop the cord round the back of the beads and then back through the centre of all the beads. Pull the cord tightly making sure all beads are in the centre of the cord / lace.




Step 3

Slide 5 more beads onto the cord / lace starting from point A.

Stack the 5 beads on this row directly above those on Row 1.


Take the cord at point B (above) and thread it back through the beads on the 2nd row and pull both ends of the cord / lace tightly.



Step 4

Add rows 3 and 4 by continuing to thread in the same way.

Row 5 - thread all 5 beads of colour Y onto this row.

Rows 6 and 7 as per rows 3 & 4 until it looks like this:




Step 5

Tie the two ends of the cord / lace tightly together.

beaded crosses.jpg

Easter Community Witness

Christ church.jpg

Easter Colouring Competition

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