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SPREAD A LITTLE SUNSHINE in the local community


During the months of April and May 2021 we placed ‘Spread a Little Sunshine’ postcards in local outlets e.g. hairdressers, community centres, corner shops etc for local residents to take away. On the postcard it refers to Luke 12:27-28 (if you aren’t sure what this is about then why not look it up?) and attached were a few sunflower seeds for people to grow. Please see below useful hints and tips for growing sunflowers.

We encourage you to post photos of your growing sunflowers in our spread a little sunshine album on our Circuit Facebook page.


Please contact the Circuit Office on 07752 278664 or circuitoffice@2101methodists.org if you need anymore information.

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Hints and Tips

  • Push the seed in to a depth of about ¾ of an inch and gently water the pot. Place it in a warm and light place, preferably on a window sill.

  • Water the pot daily without creating puddles on the surface. A saucer or something similar placed under the pot will prevent wetting the surface it is standing on.

  • When the plant produces a shoot, continue gentle watering and turn the pot by a quarter each day so that the stem doesn't grow sideways towards the light.

  • When roots appear through the drainage holes on the bottom of the pot, it needs moving to a larger pot. A 450gram yoghurt pot is ideal but you will have to put holes in the bottom for drainage. Now put compost in the new pot leaving room at the top for the compost in the small pot.

  • When transferring the plant to the larger pot, don't pull it out of the old pot. Tip the old pot upside down into your palm and transfer the compost and the plant into the new pot.

  • A small cane may be needed at this stage to ensure the plant grows straight, and don’t forget to turn the pot daily to the light.

  • During May the pot can be put outside during the day in its pot but brought indoors in the evening if a frost is likely. Slug protection may be required at this stage.

  • At the end of May, the plant may be left outside. If you are growing it in a pot, you will need one at least 2 feet tall. If growing it in the ground, the hole should be slightly deeper than the pot the plant has been grown in. Your plant will probably grow bigger in the ground.

  • Whether in a pot or the ground, It will need staking with a robust stake.

  • Finally, if your plant dies, do not try to replace it with an edible sunflower seed. It won’t germinate.


May 2021

Please see below some of the Sunflowers