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Walk 2: Thomas Dugdale

  • Begin the walk at the junction of Lowerhouse Lane and Greenbrook Rd.( Grid Ref 808327)

  • Walk up Greenbrook Road. Almost at the end of the road where the road bends to the right , continue straight ahead on to a gated track which leads to the canal bank.

  • Turn right and follow the canal for passing under 5 bridges( a track, 2 motorway and 2 rail bridges). 

  • Just after passing under the 2nd motorway bridge leave the canal by the track up to the right. At the top of the slope continue forward/left  across the bridge over the old railway line and turn almost immediately left down a path which takes you into the old railway, now a tarmac trail known as Padiham Greenway. 

  • Follow this tack down the hill for approx 500m passing under 2 bridges until you come to a signed crossing point. Turn right here and follow the path downhill passing woodland on your right. At the end of the wood Lowerhouse Lodge is to be found on the right hand side. A nice diversion to the walk is to walk anticlockwise around the lodge, rejoining the path about 50m beyond your diversion. If not including the Lodge circuit, continue on the original path, crossing the stream by the bridge over the weir, until you meet the road. The housing estate on your left as you meet the lane was the site of the original Dugdale Print works and the entrance gateposts remain in situ.

  • Turn right up Lowerhouse lane passing the site of the Dugdale Mill on your left hand side. Continue to follow the road, noting the old mill workers cottages until you reach your starting point. 

  • To continue the walk cross Lowerhouse lane and continue until you see a footpath sign on your left just before you reach Lowerhouse Fold. Take this path and follow it down through a field and woodland and across a small bridge where you take the path to the right . This passes the site of the Dugdale family home, Ivy Bank House, and emerges on to Kiddrow Lane.

  • Turn left here and follow the road until it meets the main Padiham Rd. 

  • Cross Padiham Rd and look for the grave of Thomas Dugdale and family in the Grounds of Habergham Church. It is almost straight in front as you go through the gate.  Returning to Padiham Road, turn left out of the churchyard and walk along the road for approx 200m until you reach a car wash business. This is the site of Park Hill Methodist Chapel (see blue Plaque). Continue up Padiham Rd passing Park Hill House, now a school, the home of Thomas Dugdale.

  • On reaching the Spar, cross Padiham Rd and proceed down Middlesex Avenue. At the junction with Sycamore Avenue, turn left and then turn next right down Lockyer Avenue. 

  • On passing the school on your left turn left onto Rosegrove Lane and follow the road until you reach the canal bridge. This is Dugdale Bridge. Rejoin the canal here turning right along the towpath. Across the canal is the site of Dugdale Wharfe from where goods were loaded and unloaded from the canal to the Dugdale mills. Continue along the canal towpath until you reach  your point of original entry. Turn right here and retrace your steps back down Greenbrook Road to Lowerhouse Lane.

Printable Map and directions

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